We can help you transition your on-premise ERP environments to the cloud.

Moving your existing ERP environment needs to be well planned with a complete systems architecture of all applications that integrate into your ERP. OSG has a detailed framework to help you identify all applications integrated with your ERP. We collaboratively design the solution with your IT team and build a project plan for the transition.

With your ERP in the cloud, users can access the software over the Internet, across multiple environments, browsers, and devices. The migration also has lower upfront costs since cloud hosting allows you to pay for computing resources consumed during a billing period rather than purchasing and maintaining the resources on-premises. Besides, new technologies, such as fast and widespread internet coverage, low-cost mobile devices, affordable storage availability, and advanced cyber threat intelligence, allow your employees to access cloud solutions anywhere at any time.

Benefits of migrating your on-premise ERP to cloud computing include:

  • Reduced upfront expenditure for modern computing infrastructures such as servers and hardware
  • Lowered IT support services by transferring the responsibility to cloud service providers
  • Reduced hardware maintenance costs since the cloud vendors manage upgrades and patching
  • Increased and affordable scalability – users pay only for the needed computing resources
  • Enhanced information and system security and privacy since the cloud service provider offers data backup and recovery plans

There are numerous benefits of migrating your ERP solutions to the cloud. OSG provides a specialized solution based on your needs. OSG specialists will help you understand and determine the available cloud models that meet your business requirements, such as company strategy, performance, regulatory compliance, and security needs.

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