Project Portfolio Management


Project Portfolio Management

Our project portfolio management (PPM) approach guides you in building and maintaining a portfolio of projects in a way that maximizes your company’s agility, flexibility, and resources while aligning the activities with your objectives and strategies.

Many organizations lack portfolio management frameworks. In this case, they fail to create synergies needed while handling several projects. Besides, the lack of PPM results in companies managing the wrong projects at the wrong time. In other cases, it causes total failure to deliver strategic outcomes. Even with sufficient money and workforce, an attempt to handle all projects without a portfolio management results in unnecessary backlogs, poor results, and overspending. PPM is crucial in a business environment characterized by the presence of more projects than resources.

OSG PPM model helps you select and manage projects as a portfolio to ensure that your organization achieves the right projects at the right time. In effect, you can enhance your business value by aligning your full range of projects with your strategic plan while optimizing resource consumption. With OSG PPM, organizations can make improved decisions since the model offers project metric insights necessary for predicting future resource utilization. The solution also provides maximized project delivery success, reduced risks, rapid project delivery, and improved collaboration among employees.

OSG PPM model stages:

  • Identification of business objectives
  • Assessment of ideas and requirements
  • Selection of vital projects
  • Categorization of projects into portfolios of investment
  • Managing the collection of programs in a way that aligns execution with business strategy and reduces risks
  • Monitoring performance for improvement

OSG focuses your PMO tasks and allows your organization to focus on your core business operations. OSG specialists have subject matter expertise to implement methods that will enable flexibility and rapid development and deployment of projects.

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