Agile Maturity Assessment


Agile Maturity Assessment

Want to become more agile? Lost in the science? OSG offers agility assessment and development support. Given our experience utilizing Agile on several projects and assisting other organizations transition to agile, we offer our in-depth agile maturity assessment for your business to understand its current practices and focus on improving them to enhance the ability to harness innovation and respond to dynamic market conditions.

OSG offers an agility maturity model to enhance and improve your agile practices by assessing the current state of your business to determine how you adhere to agile best practices. Our model references the Scrum framework that allows teams to address complex adaptive issues while ingeniously and profitably delivering coveted and relevant products and services.

Benefits of OSG agile maturity assessment model include:

  • Reduces product cycle time to allow your business to swiftly respond to business changes while remaining profitable
  • Helps minimize flaws on products and services, which, in turn, improves your brand reputation
  • Improves project planning process with increased predictability
  • Enhances compliance with various regulations
  • Improves risk management since product and service development face few defects

Contact OSG today to understand and implement our improvement methodology through our agile maturity model that focuses on the sustainability, adaptability, and improvement process for your agile practices. We deploy flexible and automated ways to identify the key process area for enhancement and apply the best knowledge-based on superior agile principles.

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