Program, Project and Change Management

OSG understands that change is difficult since it is hard to transform the way your people work and to modify processes to meet new needs. In effect, our project and change management services involve proper management of people, technology, and procedures to ensure that you meet your organizational goals and to take your projects from a “hard to gorgeous” state. OSG links strategy with execution and deployment with operations to realize the expected objectives and benefits.

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Program Management

OSG offers Program, Project and Change Management to help you drive your adoption of business applications within your organization.

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Organizational Change Management0%
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Vendor Management0%
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Omega Solutions Group Offers a Variety of Services
to Manage your Business

Manage Your
Project Initiatives

Program Management

OSG can help you drive your projects to completion. Are any of your existing business application project initiatives lingering?

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Project Portfolio

OSG PPM model helps you select and manage projects as a portfolio to ensure that your organization achieves the right projects at the right time.

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Project Review and Recovery

Are you grappling with failed projects? Have you lost businesses, jobs, or opportunities because of futile plans?

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Organizational Change Management

OSG organizational change management helps your business achieve a smooth transition to new systems and processes.


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Get Assistance
With Your PMO

Agile Maturity

Want to become more agile? Lost in the science? OSG offers agility assessment and development support.

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PMO Outsourcing

Do you have adequate bandwidth and the right talent to set up and maintain a project management office (PMO) in-house?

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Vendor Management

Most businesses today fail to set standards before dealing with vendors. As a result, it becomes problematic to select the right vendor from a wide range of third-parties.

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Resource Management

OSG resource management solution establishes a good process for resource management while maximizing business productivity.

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Go Digital

Digital Transformation

Assuredly, embracing novel technologies is a core element to your business success. OSG offers guidance on how to plan and deliver a successful digital transformation program.

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