Project Review and Recovery


Project Review and Recovery

Are you grappling with failed projects? Have you lost businesses, jobs, or opportunities because of futile plans?

Nearly 50 percent of a company’s projects are at risk of failure at any given time, irrespective of the business size or industry. To evade the adverse implications of troubled projects, organizations should take necessary review, detection, and remediation activities.

OSG project recovery specialists review your project’s state to identify common challenges, such as resource unavailability, delays, and vague scope. The team effectively identifies issues that caused the project to get out of range and implement a recovery plan. Our project review and recovery experts collaborate with the PMO team to build a practical standard for project review and recovery processes that businesses can deploy to monitor individual or portfolio of projects to detect those that need recovery consideration.

OSG project review and recovery model steps:

  • Identify running or active projects and their original objectives
  • Assess project status
  • Define a troubled or failed project
  • Determine a recovery approach
  • Review the project to determine the state against the original scope
  • Communicate outcomes with relevant stakeholders
  • Deploy relevant tools and methods to recover from a troubled project effectively
  • Declare project recovery success

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