Program, Project & Change Management


Program, Project & Change Management

OSG can help you drive your projects to completion.

Are any of your existing business application project initiatives lingering? OSG’s Project Managers can help you reassess your initiatives and drive
them to completion. Using our PMO framework, we can help you ensure that you complete all projects phase from assessment to implementation
and that you adopt the right approach to provide optimal benefit to the organization.

OSG understands that change is difficult since it is hard to transform the way your people work and to modify processes to meet new needs. In
effect, our project and change management service involve proper management of people, technology, and procedures to ensure that you meet
your organizational goals and to take your projects from a “hard to gorgeous” state. OSG links strategy with execution and deployment with
operations to realize the expected objectives and benefits.

Our project and change management areas of focus:

  • Strategic direction changes to increase competitive advantage
  • Introducing new products
  • New technology – the adoption of cloud-based solutions such as, ERP (JDE/SAP) and Business Intelligence
  • Regulatory requirements – regulatory change process management based on recently implemented projects

OSG’s change management is not always about projects. We prepare, equip, and support your teams to adapt to variations introduced by new
projects and that have varying responses from your people. We offer a structured method that prevails in uncertainties and fear of unknown during a
project and to ensure that your company achieves the desired behavioral outcomes. Our goal in project and change management is to make the
proper and timely implementation of new applications or processes while ensuring that employees accept and utilize the latest technologies.
Whether it be delivery of new software, system, process, or strategy, you can partner with OSG to warrant that you have implemented projects and
adopted change successfully.

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